We offer
• Custom GNSS solutions for UAS/UAV Manufacturers and Integrators
• Integration and customization services
• Consulting


mGa1 L1/L2/L5 GNSS antenna
• Designed for UAVs: high performance / minimal weight
• Excellent match for ublox F9P/F9H (or similar) receivers
• 20 g (antenna only), 45 g (with 10×10 cm GND plane)
• Outstanding radiation characteristics, low PCV
• Efficient rejection of typical interfering signals
• Based on Fraunhofer IIS patented technology

PH1 L1+L2 GNSS Positioning and Heading system
• Position+Heading based on L1+L2 GNSS
• Heading derived from moving baseline application of ublox ZED-F9P/F9H receiver pair
• CAN bus or serial
• We provide customization / integration services for this product


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