ThingsOnAir develops navilution®, a modular, reliable Satellite Navigation subsystem for application in unmanned/autonomous vehicles. Our solution offers more accurate location information and is more reliable than most standard commercial off-the-shelf GNSS receivers. navilution combines these benefits with a unique set of functionalities and a very flexible system architecture that make it the ideal choice for customized high end products and specialized solutions for demanding use cases.

What is navilution ?

  • A modular / customizable GNSS subsystem for Unmanned Systems
  • Provides high availability of GNSS readings and significantly reduces the risk of „GNSS glitches“
  • Offers improved location accuracy vs off-the-shelf receivers
  • Includes Smart Phone connectivity

navilution offers

  • Custom GNSS solutions for Unmanned Systems Manufacturers, Integrators, power users
  • Custom IoT / Internet of Things solutions
  • Integration and customization services
  • Consulting services

We are looking for development partners. If you are interested, we would be thrilled to hear from you!

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